Jonathon, Adam, 13 other students, 5 teachers, and 2 parents are going to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in June 2011. To make this happen a serious commitment is required from all involved. They must all take part in a strict training and diet programme, keep their bloods monitored between now and June and climb a number of mountains in Ireland, all this preparation for the 5,895 meter climb to the summit.

The project fits in with the school ethos of encouraging students to develop values and life skills necessary for them to become responsible and adaptable adults willing to make a contribution to their local community and society in general. As well as having the potential to be of tremendous personal benefit for the students themselves in terms of character building, instilling values of respect and cooperation, the aim is to encourage the whole school, teachers, parents and the wider business community to row in behind the project. In order to do the climb an element of fund raising is involved, partly for the trip itself and our nominated charities which are:

1. The Ross Nugent Foundation: Ross was a pupil of the school who passed away in May 2010. His foundation raises funds for new equipment in the oncology department at Beaumont Hospital.

2. The Laura Brennan Charitable Trust: Laura was a pupil of the school who passes away in 2008. Her foundation supports children up to the age of 18 suffering from life threatening or life limiting illnesses in Malahide and surrounding area.

3. The Parkinson's Association: The association supports patients of Parkinson's disease and their families and is often a forgotten cause.

4. The Light of Massai: Irish woman Elaine Bannon has set up an education centre in Tanzania to educate the children of the Massai tribe and the group will visit the centre while they are there.

Our fund raising will take place both in the school and in the community of Malahide through a variety of events, some already organised such as non-uniform days, bag packing, race night. We were lucky enough to be one of the schools who benefited from the Gibneys Wine Fair in The Grand Hotel on the 24th November. We also have Christmas cards and a calendar for sale at the moment. The cards and the calendar are all pictures done by the students, from 1st to 6th year, who entered a competition. We had lots and lots of entries and would have loved to be able to pick them all but 10 were picked for the cards and 12 for the calendar. They are really beautiful and showcase the wonderful talent we have in the school.

Our first major fund raising event is a balloon release on the 10th December. We are hoping to release 600 plus balloons , Red balloons for Ross and Blue balloons for Laura. We are planning to get a school photo that day and we would love if you could come and cover our event. It will be a great event and we are hoping will set the tone for all our fundraiser events that will follow.

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